Trying Out New Sports

Some Terms to Learn for the First-Time Boat Buyer

06 Jul

When shopping for your first boat, you may come across some terms and phrases that seem a bit confusing; however, learning these terms and being able to discern those features can mean finding the right boat for you, as they often refer to various features of a boat. Note a few of these terms you […]

Caravan Accessories | 3 Convenient Accessories To Create An Enjoyable Camping Experience

31 May

Caravan holidays with your family or partner can be tremendous fun when you plan right. Spending time in the great outdoors creates the opportunity for adventures you never thought possible. But having the right camper trailer accessories in your caravan is important to ensure that you’re always prepared. This guide equips you with convenient caravan […]

How Adaptive Kayaking Works

31 May

Kayaking is an increasingly popular way to stay fit and have fun, and Australia boasts plenty of beautiful and exciting kayak day trips. Contrary to what some people may think, kayaking is not a sport that only able-bodied people can take part in, and adaptive kayaking allows people with a range of disabilities to enjoy […]

Postnatal Pilates Exercises

26 May

Pilates class can be a great way to regain tone and function after pregnancy and childbirth. The process of pregnancy can often reduce muscle tone, especially around the midsection, and pilates is often one of the best ways to get back to shape. Here are some ways that pilates can help postnatal bodies.  Pelvic floor […]

Residential Tennis Court Surfaces: Hard, Grass Or Clay?

26 May

There are three main types of surfaces to choose from when constructing a residential tennis court. The best choice of surface will be determined by various factors, which include a homeowner’s personal preference. Apart from personal preference, functional aspects of each type of surface must be considered if a homeowner is to make the best choice […]

Guns And Storage: 2 FAQs

23 May

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of Australian citizens who wish to own private firearms. For this reason, the laws formulated to control guns have become more stringent over the years. This article answers two questions that private gun owners in Victoria may have about storing their firearms. Are Gun Owners Allowed To Store […]